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Game Developer

On-Site / İstanbul

Position Description

Game Developer; plays one of the most critical roles for hyper casual mobile games to be presented to the player in the best possible way with enjoyable mechanics, and to bring the game idea to life by bringing all the elements together.


In addition, the most important features that distinguish Game Developer from other development areas are gamification, providing the feeling in the game in the best way and thinking like a player when necessary.

What will you do as a Game Developer?

  • Developing game ideas with Unity

  • Preparing the necessary mechanics and scenes by examining the Game Design Document

  • To constantly follow the hyper casual industry to examine trending games, discover new mechanics and improve yourself

  • Actively working with Game Designer and Artist teammates so that the game you are developing can reach the player in the best way

  • To apply the changes made while the game is being developed or after it has been developed, with the most efficient and smooth ways

  • Working with all other teammates to keep the quality at the highest level

Not Available
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