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Game Artist

On-Site / İstanbul

Position Description

Game Artist is the person who designs all the visual elements so that mobile games look interesting and enjoyable to the player.


It is a critical role both to increase the feeling and enjoyment that the game creates in the player, and for the game to reach more players for a longer period of time.

What will you do as a Game Artist?

  - Producing optimized 3D models, animations and 2D designs (UI, texture) compatible with mobile devices

  - Examining the Game Design Document and designing the necessary assets in accordance with the references

  - To constantly follow the mobile game industry to examine trending games, discover new art styles and visual solutions, and improve oneself

  - Actively working with Game Designer and Developer teammates so that the game can reach the player in the best way possible

  - Researching and producing solution ideas to further improve the visual quality of our games and increase optimization

  - Working with all other teammates to keep the quality at the highest level

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